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Things to do before treating your body with The Perfect IPL

  1. Say no to waxing/tweezing/threading or any hair removal that removes the hair from its roots. As The Perfect IPL targets hair roots and is ineffective if the hair has been yanked out.
  2. Shave the desired treatment area prior to the IPL treatment (ensure it’s below 1 mm in length). This allows for easier exfoliation of the hair. Whilst you could use The Perfect IPL with hair longer than 1 mm, this may hinder your progress in getting the best possible results from The Perfect IPL.
  3. Stay away from UV rays/tanning or sun-light exposure. If you have tanned (naturally or artificially) within the previous 2 weeks, you will have to wait two weeks or till your skin returns to its natural pigmentation before you can utilise this product again. Moreover, if you have used this product recently, please avoid UV rays or direct sunlight for up-to 48 hours or till your redness or sensitivity in the area of treatment settles (whichever comes last). If you have used this product, please avoid tanning (natural & artificial) for up-to 2 weeks following use.
  4. Do not use any cosmetics or creams prior to treatment. We strongly recommend no usage of cosmetics or creams in the 24 hours prior to usage. Please ensure to wash and completely dry the desired area of treatment before use to ensure there is no cosmetic or cream residue on the area.
  5. Stay away from any voluntary medications such as aspirin close to your usage window. If you have any necessary medications or pre-existing health conditions, we strongly recommend consulting the appropriate physician about usage of this product in conjunction to your condition. Please do not use this product with any medications without consulting your physician.