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How does The Perfect IPL work?

The Perfect IPL outputs light energy that is absorbed by the hair’s melanin in the form of heat. This heat absorbed by the melanin continues to eradicate the hair over time.

Does The Perfect IPL hurt?

The Perfect IPL is one of the most user-friendly products on the market. Moreover, our strength modifier allows you to choose a lower level which will gives slower results but is virtually pain-free and sensitivity-free. Even on the higher levels, you will feel a warm touch-tap feeling.

How often do you recommend using The Perfect IPL?

The Perfect User Manual details that you should use The Perfect IPL once a week for up-to 12 weeks (stop once you have achieved your dream silky smooth skin). Thereafter, you will require 1 maintenance treatment every 2 – 3 months. However, these are all guidelines depending on your rate of hair growth, we recommend to use your discretion as-to when you need and do not need the treatments.

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How many years will The Perfect IPL last?

The Perfect IPL comes with 500,000 flashes. Assuming, you use 100 flashes per week, which varies depending on size of area treated and frequency, 500 thousand flashes could last you almost 100 years.

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