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Permanent Hair Reduction Myths

Myth #1: The Perfect IPL is only for women.

Unfortunately, hair removal tends to be a fairly closeted affair for most men due to historical misconceived notions of masculinity. This is ABSOLUTELY no longer the case, many many men use all kinds of hair removal & reduction.

Many men regularly pay for laser treatments (which are super expensive) and you can get charged for missing your appointments if you get stuck in traffic or are generally running late. Moreover, studies suggest that lack of consistency with such treatments can result in decreased efficacy (missing your appointment can lead to decreased results) whilst paying for missing the treatments. Talk about a lose-lose situation.

Other men will use long term solutions which pull out the hair out of its root i.e. waxing, threading etc. These methods, whilst significantly cheaper than laser hair removal, still cost quite a bit of money and are extremely painful to the point of involuntary shouting and grunting to simply cope with the pain.

Hence, many men are stuck with the simple razer which is cost effective and usually pain free. Whilst, this sounds good and most do not complain, it is far from ideal as you would have to shave almost daily or more than twice a week to retain a hairless look.

However, those are no longer your only options, we at Perfect Kosmetics have made The Perfect IPL, this product gives permanent hair reduction, it significantly reduces your hair re-growth and only requires a maintenance treatment once every few months after the initial 12 weeks of weekly usage. Moreover, The Perfect IPL can be completely pain and sensitivity-free in the lowest strength setting – so long as you do not have super sensitive skin or any other medical issues. Furthermore, you can even treat your entire body with our 1 product in the long-term (refer to our FAQs for the small list of exclusions).

Myth #2: The Perfect IPL is expensive because it gives permanent results (there has to be a catch!!!) 

Nope, there is no catch for The Perfect IPL, it is one of the best hair treatment products on the market. Rather than taking away from our customers, we offer them more value. You buy the product once and have means to manage your hair conveniently, in the comfort of your home (almost painlessly) and for the entire life of the product.

We even have a 365 day warranty to ensure that the product lasts you long enough to ensure your results are there.

If you’re still unhappy with the results, we have a 100 day money-back guarantee (please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more details). Whilst, $250 upfront may seem like a lot, our product is one of the most convenient and if you compare this to long-term choices: waxing (recommended at least 9 times a year – $495 + extreme pain for the back only), threading (average recommendation 13 times a year – $455 + eye watering pain for face only) or laser hair removal (up-to $1000+ per 10 sessions of back treatment – only the back). Moreover, we have options which allow you to buy now and pay later to avoid financial strain and truly be comfortable.

Myth #3: The Perfect IPL is not as good as Laser Hair Removal

The Perfect IPL is much more convenient than Laser Hair Removal. Whilst Laser hair removal is more permanent due to its higher strength than the IPL. Which initially sounds like a good thing, however, the radiation can spread to nearby areas that were not treated causing wanted hairs to be exfoliated over time. Whilst, this is much less likely to be the case with The Perfect IPL, due to its weaker source, it will not spread nearly as readily as laser radiation.

Myth #4: You cannot use The Perfect IPL during or after pregnancy

Whilst, we do not recommend using The Perfect IPL during or after pregnancy (until breastfeeding is finished), there are no known or proven effects to the fetus. Moreover, the genuine reason we do not recommend is due to lack of studies in how the mechanism reacts with the changes in hormones that have changed within pregnant women or recently pregnant women. As you can see, we support and encourage abundant precaution with our products.

Myth #5: IPL Hair Removal is equally effective for all the people who use is

IPL Hair Removal is not equally effective for all people. As there are many different factors with use of the IPL. It will give results quicker or slower depending on all these factors: natural rate of hair re-growth, colour/tonality of skin along with hair colour, working best with darker hair colours and lighter skin tonalities. However, in the long-term even with less favourable characteristics, IPL should still provide satisfactory results (which are longer lasting than the aforementioned temporary hair removal methods in Myth #1).